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Posted by - A Warrior from 300 - on Sunday, 3 September 2017

  1. Given that this matter has already been surfaced for some time, it seems appropriate to address the doubts of many individuals or business owners at this juncture.
  2. For all intents and purposes, it is important to note the difference between SEO and SEM:-
  • SEO refers to the organic growth in the Search Engine Ranking Page, aka SERP;
  • SEM, on the other hand, refers to the paid growth in the SERP.
  1. Moving forward, we shall address the differences between SEO and SEM at greater depth.



  1. Let me try to keep this article short and simple for everyone to digest at the shortest possible time. The techniques and strategies used for SEO can be done for free if you have the capability. You will need to start off by doing the fundamentals known as On Page Strategies. I will touch on that in the near future. After you have carefully implemented On Page Strategies to make your website “SEO Friendly”, you can now proceed to Off Page Strategies.
  2. In short, On Page Strategies will allow Google’s robots to easily capture information, and On Page Strategies is therefore the only thing that you would need to make your website SEO-friendly.
  3. On the issue of ranking, Off Page Strategies is everything you need to make your website known to Google. It follows that you would be able to achieve higher rankings with the credibility boost that Google can offer in the process.



  1. What its required for SEM, on the other hand, is practically the opposite of that required for SEO. The process involved here is to pay and move upwards in rank. The aforesaid can be done through automated bidding in Adwords. Alternatively, you could secure spots at a much cheaper rate if you are capable of optimizing your own campaign. Should you be confused about how to optimize your campaign, you would then have to engage a digital marketing agency.


Which is better?

  1. There is no clear or outright answer to the question of which of the two is the better option, and any person’s answer would be solely dependent on his own campaign objectives. If one’s goal is quick leads, he would need to engage in SEM and it may only take two weeks before he starts getting leads. There are external sources such as landing pages and promotional offers to entice leads to sign up at the leading page, but these are secondary issues which we can consider later.
  2. If one is a true expert, he would immediately identify that SEM would essentially mean his achievement of the highest rankings through payment, and vice versa. Given the aforesaid, owners usually understand that this approach is not sustainable in the long run. It follows that we only encourage the usage of SEM for the initial two months before identifying the better conversation rate for each keyword and using SEO afterwards.
  3. Because we recommend the usage of SEO and SEM concurrently, we are able to achieve better organic and lead generations altogether.

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